Exterior & Interior Full Valet


What’s included in the Full Valet?

  • Engine and engine compartment are de-greased and dressed (with owner’s permission)
  • Wheels and tyres are deep cleaned
  • Wheel arches and mud flaps are deep cleaned
  • Vehicle body hand washed using 100% lamb’s wool mitts and the two bucket with grit guard method
  • Rinsed and hand dried using specialist micro fibre cloths
  • Tar removal
  • Door/boot/bonnet shuts all de-greased and cleaned then polished and application of HD Wax,
  • Clay Bar treatment, hand polished
  • Application of HD Wax
  • Wheels/tyres/arches/mud flaps dressed and protected
  • All exterior plastics and rubber are treated
  • Foot wells vacuumed
  • Mats taken out and cleaned
  • Seats vacuumed
  • Fabric seats deep cleaned or shampooed if necessary
  • Leather seats deep cleaned then re-conditioned
  • Door cards deep cleaned and dressed
  • Dashboard and all instruments inc. all air vents are deep cleaned and dressed
  • All glass is cleaned and polished
  • All rubber door seals treated
  • Interior fragranced/de-odorised


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