Range Rover Sport HSE

This Range Rover Sport HSE is the owners pride and joy.

ShinyUnfortunately the vehicle is used daily in a work environment. So although it hasn’t driven through Glastonbury on wet Friday it definitely needed some attention.

The owner and I examined the Range Rover, with no major problematic areas, other than the ten spoke alloys needing a thorough deep clean.

Paul the owner decided that I should concentrate on all the tar removal, and fall out removal, (embedded road grime, tree sap, overspray, industrial fallout and other paint contaminants).

After their processes you are left with a stunning flat surface to begin building up the layers of protection and the all important super shine finish.

wheelsSo after a deep clean soap down from bottom to top of the HSE and then hand dried using the finest drying towels, I used a completely non acid wheel cleaner and specialised brushes to not only clean the parts of the alloys you can see but to remove any break dust, oil, contamination etc right the way to the back of the alloy.

After a tyre clean I moved on to the arches to extract the build up of all our rural deposits left on the road, which love to hide up in our wheel arches! Then followed a tar and glue removal system again once hand dried, I then applied Auto Glym’s clay bar system that removes all unwanted contamination leaving a lovely smooth surface to start building up the layers of protection and professional polish and wax.

All door shuts were cleaned, de-greased (new grease reapplied to appropriate areas) and then dried and polished. Next I applied a plastic and rubber conditioner to all areas that required it, not only bring the black plastic trims to a original colour but also protecting them from the elements, Then comes one of my favourite stages which is building up the required layers of polish’s and waxes to the body work, which means I get to look at myself as I work (joke)!

Once happy I then moved to the interior of the vehicle.

frontA quick removal of any rubbish making sure ALL personal items are carefully stored in a safe place.

The HSE has a stunning light tan interior; to Paul’s credit is still in a top class condition.

I hoovered all foot wells, door cards pockets and seats.

Using specialised dash and instrument brushes/hover attachments and swabs the entire dash, vents, and all instruments were cleaned.

Foot well mats were removed and machine washed.

The seats were cleaned very carefully using a very soft application of Auto Glym’s Interior cleaner, and then micro fibre cloths used to dry the seats.

All interior plastics and rubber were given the same treatment as the exterior, and the interior glass cleaned to perfection.

bootThe boot is used as a boot, so the family dog, wellington boots etc are all invited to have a party in that area every now and again (as they should).

After some extensive hovering and deep cleaning of the carpet and surrounding area I was able to rejuvenate the area to a high standard. (We were limited to a time scale otherwise more time could have been taken on the boot area). But all the dog hair was removed and the wellies cleaned.

Finishing touches to the exterior included making sure all the glass was cleaned to perfection with a water repellent product also used on the exterior glass.

Finishing off with the alloys polished and the tyres having a protective sealant applied.

engineAs a small welcome gift to Paul for trying Clean My Ride, at the start of the valet I completely cleaned and degreased the engine/engine bay and shuts and dressed them accordingly.

After a fragrance refreshment I returned Paul’s Range Rover to him after he finished work.

Paul was so pleased with the standard of the valet I was delighted to take on the ongoing contract of regularly valets of his fleet of work vans.

Great day at work!!

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